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When consumers think about fresh food, they always think about high quality and great taste. Typically, freshness is not associated with frozen food. Many consumers prefer to buy fresh fish since they always consider fresh seafood to be healthier than frozen. However, there are many world-renowned chefs, professional food critics, and reputable seafood distributors who prefer to purchase frozen seafood.

We, at Indo Merchandise, Inc., have proven wrong the typical thought that fresh seafood is always better than frozen not only to the consumer world, but also to the food expert community. Our frozen fresh tuna products have made a mark among retail, wholesale, and foodservice businesses with its high-quality and taste.

So, is frozen seafood better than fresh? Our answer to this question is definitely YES!!

Consumers and seafood entrepreneurs, alike, are misled with the use of the term “fresh” when it comes to seafood. They mistakenly believe that fresh seafood is synonymous to premium quality seafood. In the seafood industry, the term “fresh” is referred to a produce that has never been frozen. With this, “fresh seafood” only means that it hasn’t undergone any freezing process. The term does not absolutely provide insight to the quality of the seafood or the “newness” or “freshness” of the product.

Today, consumers and seafood entrepreneurs should be aware of the reality that fresh seafood is rarely of high quality. When fish or any other seafood is caught or harvested, it usually goes through the normal gradual and continual decomposition process. The natural enzymes found in the muscle tissues of seafood will start to breakdown the flesh. In a short period of time, the decomposition will greatly endanger the quality of the produce. Once the breakdown process commence, there is no method to reverse it. However, there is a process to impede the normal breakdown for a considerable amount of time. The method is the process of freezing. At Indo Merchandise, our tuna is now frozen on our boats just minutes after being caught.

While fresh tuna is in a constant decline in its quality, we freeze freshly-caught tuna to stop the natural degradation and keep the high level of quality. Because the breakdown is halted by freezing, frozen tuna or seafood (in general) is far more superior to fresh seafood in many cases. We process and ship freshly-caught tuna from Indonesia to the United States. At the point of its arrival, its superior quality is kept since its “freshness” is preserved at the time of freezing. If the tuna was not frozen, it will slowly breakdown and lose its quality throughout the entire transportation time.

Tuna or any other fish frozen fast are the healthiest choices since its nutrients are preserved. At Indo Merchandise, Inc., we make sure to maintain all the healthy nutrients of our tuna products by freezing them immediately at temperature below -22F.

When purchasing tuna or any other seafood, it is best to consider your proximity from the fishery. Unless you are near the fishery, it is best to shun from “fresh” tuna for Indo Merchandise’s fresh-frozen and vacuum-seal packaged tuna products. Indo Merchandise guarantees high quality tuna products for greater satisfaction for you and your consumers.